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HELP Baguio Campuses – HELP English Academy

HELP Longlong Campus has specific English training curriculum for beginner to advanced students. And also we are operated teams to manage students more systematically. So, if students have any problem to study or live, we can give an advice anytime.

Longlong campus is a 7-storey-company-owned building. It was designed to conform to the geographic terrain of the area to give it a more impressive and environmental beauty. It includes an official test center, a multi-purpose room, a library, a study hall, computer room, cafe, medical clinic and a fully equipped gym.

The HELP building is located 20 minutes away from Baguio City. As such it is highly conducive for studying because of the quiet and peaceful ambiance and climate.

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HELP Clark Campuses – HELP English Academy

HELP Clark is home to anyone seeking quality education. It’s where students are trained in world-class communication skills in order to become top-of-the-line international leaders. It helps individuals gain more confidence and courage to face challenges head on by speaking their hearts and minds out to whomever and whatever nationality they meet on their way to success.

HELP English Language Program, Inc. has 27 years of English Education experience in Baguio City. We applied all the Know-How to HELP Clark Branch considering Clark’s natural environment. Students can experience the HELP management system in Clark branch.

HELP Clark is located at a strategic location inside the former US's Army airbased. It takes only 10 minutes from Clark International Airport and 1.5-4 hours from other countries in Asia. Clark is also knowned with its business and entertainment activities, which in return make it becomes perfect for the providing of good teaching quality from us to our students.

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