Business English Program

Program's Information

This program is designed to enable students to acquire proficiency of Business English and the fundamental communication skills needed for employment in an international environment. Business English is the global lingua franca of the international trades distinguishing itself from the language by adopting a formal manner of speech and expressions that can be understood anywhere in the world clearly and accurately. Through this program, students are expected to practice and simulate realistic business situations such as business trips, meetings, and presentations.

Every day, students have 4 individual classes focusing on Macro Skills (Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading) with the business approach. 2 group classes are allotted to give students the chance to practice their practical skills (Present, Debate, Discuss and Interview) by cases. Moreover, the Reading Intensive program will boosts students’ reading, grammar and writing skills and Special Classes are supplemental to develop other related skills of students (with academic purposes).

Program's Level

High Intermediate – High Advance

Program's Structure

(Customize to student's needs and level)

Type Class Business Communication
Total Study Time Mandatory 10 classes
Mandatory Individual Class Business Presentation(1)
Business Writing(1)
Debate / ESL(1)
Big Group Class Morning Reading Class(1)
Special Class(1)
Vocabulary Test Daily Vocabulary Test(1)
(Depend on student's level
Self-Study Self-study(2)