Junior Camp Program

HELP Junior Camp is a special program of HELP English Academy. Its purpose is to increase the learning abilities, develop communication skills, improve English skills, and help young learners be more confident in expressing themselves in an international environment. Aside from learning, students will take part in outdoor activities to regain energy after studying and experience a new culture.

Program's Options

  • General ESL Junior Program (HELP Clark Campus)
  • Intensive ESL Junior Program (HELP Baguio Campus)
  • Intensive IELTS Junior Program (HELP Baguio Campus)

Strong points of HELP Junior Camp

  • An accredited language school with almost 25 years of experience and reliable management system Sparta System.
  • Various programs foster confidence in English-speaking (English speech contest, storytelling, music DJ programs, shadowing tests, etc.)
  • Teachers with many years of experience and know-how centered on junior education.
  • The learning institution manages the child’s life 24 hours a day.
  • Students experience a variety of activities to enjoy English classes (guitar lessons, art, music, physical activities, etc.)
  • Nutritious diet and health care for growing children.
  • A thorough and systematic curriculum, level tests, sanction point system operating and exciting weekend activities for motivation.

Program's Admission

The admission date is 25/5/2022 – 8/6/2022 – 22/6/2022

HELP Junior Camp's Structure

Weekdays activities

Junior students will study from Monday to Friday:

  • Individual Class – 4 Classes
  • Group Class – 2 Classes
  • Activity – 1 Class (Include: Sport, Dance, Sing...)
  • Self-study – 2 Classes
  • Daily vocabulary Study and Test- 1 Class
  • Journal Writing – 1 Class
  • Speech Contest, Got Talent show, … during the program.

Weekend Activity

During the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), student will take part in outdoors activities and sports. Student will travel to the nearby tourist spots of the City (Water Park, Culture Park, Super Market, Museum...) or famous tourist spots like Subic, Hundreds Islands... or join to Sport Festival, Outdoors BBQ, Pizza Party ...


  • Entrance Test.
  • Mid-Term Test (End of 2nd week).
  • Level test (End of 4th week).
  • Daily and weekly vocabulary test

*Schedule can be adjusted by school.

Living Condition:

  • Dormitory: Room for 4 with well-equipped facilities, create a good living condition for students.
  • Meals, snacks: We offer meals that provide the 5 essential nutrients needed for the health of growing children.
  • Exercise: To keep children fit they do calisthenics every morning, sports activities and other physical activities.
  • Laundry, cleaning: Laundry service is three times a week, dorm rooms are cleaned regularly to keep a hygienic and sanitary environment.
  • Telephone: Laundry service is three times a week, dorm rooms are cleaned regularly to keep a hygienic and sanitary environment.
  • Hospital: If a child is sick, if necessary, after consultation with the school nurse, will go to the hospital with the child's teacher and manager.
  • Allowance: The allowance is given out on Sundays, and they need to budget their money.

For more information, please contact us.