TOEFL Program

Program's Information

TOEFL developed by America ETS (Educational Testing Service) measures English abilities at the University level for non-native people who plan to enter University or Graduate School in America, Canada, Australia, England and etc.

HELP’s TOEFL program is designed to equip the student with test taking strategies and techniques to achieve the students’ target score while enhancing their English proficiency holistically through a specialized curriculum. The TOEFL test is essential for students who want to apply to Universities in U.S.A. as over 90% of American Universities accept international students based on their TOEFL scores. Developed by a TOEFL perfect score instructor, HELP’s TOEFL Preparatory program will fasten students’ academic success.

Program's Level

TOEFL Beginner

This level caters to students who are consistently having problems with pronunciation, stress and intonation, limited range in grammar and students who are unable to sustain speech.

Required Score: TOEFL 25 or pass the speaking test with teachers.

Target Score: TOEFL 35

TOEFL Intermediate

This level corresponds to students who basically have intelligible speech though having minor problems in pronunciation, intonation or pacing, provide imprecise or inaccurate use of vocabulary or grammar and overall development and understanding of topic is somewhat limited.

Required Score: TOEFL 35 or pass the speaking & writing test with teachers.

Target Score: TOEFL 79

TOEFL Advanced

This level corresponds to students who fairly have high degree of automaticity with good control of basic and complex structures of the English Language and to those who can generally provide the relationships between ideas in the tasks needed for TOEFL.

Required Score: TOEFL 79

Target Score: TOEFL 102+

Learning Contents by Level

TOEFL BEGINNER - Building Stage

  1. Vocabulary and Language Building
  2. Skill Building
  3. Exam Information Building
  4. Start off with Basic Test Tips
  5. Exam Practice Building
  6. Error-Recovery + Teacher’s Explanation


  1. Vocabulary and Language Development and Expansion
  2. Skill Development and Expansion
  3. Test Format Familiarization
  4. Elaborate on Test Tips
  5. Mini-Tests
  6. Error-Recovery + Teacher’s Explanation
  7. Introduction to Strategies

TOEFL ADVANCED - Mastery Stage

  1. Mastery of Vocabulary and Language
  2. Skill Mastery
  3. Test Format Mastery
  4. Mastery of Test Tips
  5. Full- Tests
  6. Error-Recovery + Teacher’s Recommendation
  7. Effective Application and Mastery of Strategies

Program's Structure

Type Class TOEFL Beginner TOEFL Intermediate TOEFL Advanced
Requirements Level 1: 25 TOEFL
Level 2: 28 TOEFL
Level 3: 32 TOEFL
Level 1: 35 TOEFL
Level 2: 46 TOEFL
Level 3: 60 TOEFL
Level 1: 79 TOEFL
Level 2: 96 TOEFL
Level 3: 102+ TOEFL
Total Study Time Mandatory 8 classes + Optional 2 classes
Mandatory Individual Class TOEFL Reading(1)
TOEFL Listening(1)
TOEFL Speaking(1)
TOEFL Writing(1)
TOEFL Reading(1)
TOEFL Listening(1)
TOEFL Speaking(1)
TOEFL Writing(1)
TOEFL Speaking(1)
TOEFL Writing(1)
TOEFL Speaking(1)
TOEFL Writing(1)
Group Class Speaking + Pronunciation(1) Speaking + Pronunciation(1) Speaking + Pronunciation(1)
Special Class Optional Special Classes(2)
※Student must take at least one class.
Vocabulary Test Vocabulary Test(1)
(Depend on student's level)
Mock-Test Bi-weekly
Optional Optional Class Self-study(2)