Thai Junior's Testimonial: First Impressions Last

Before coming to HELP Clark campus, I was so excited because I have never studied abroad and I have never been to the Philippines yet. I was very exhausted because it was a long trip but it was all worth it. When I arrived at the school, my first impression was "THIS PLACE IS GOOD".

Studying English in HELP is really nice because I can improve my English speaking skills. Once I got in, I had a feeling that my English was bad and I felt like I forgot everything that I've learned before back in Thailand. Coming to HELP to study improved my writing, speaking, reading, and pronunciation a lot. I used to commit grammar lapses all the time but the teachers in this language school were very patient to correct my errors. Furthermore, the 'Voca Test' has been a very useful tool for me to learn new English words while I honed my eloquence through 'Journal Writing'. Above that, the 'Reading Class' was so much fun because there were many good stories to read and 'Speaking Class' boosted my confidence in conversing in English. Last but not the least, having 'Activity Class' together with my fellow Thai Jr students will always be the best class for me because I could play sports with my new friends. In HELP, all the teachers are kind.

I was very comfortable while studying in HELP; it felt like home, not to mention the bedrooms are great too! The availability of laundry service and a store inside the school made my stay in the dormitory even more convenient. Also, the cafeteria food was good; I especially like the bread with butter. I will surely miss HELP Academy and the Philippines.

As a result of studying in HELP, I hope that I will be better. I try to practice every day and improve my English speaking skills because I know that it will be beneficial for me in the future.