Thai Junior's Testimonial: Every Ending Has A New Beginning

My name is Sita but of course, you guys know me as Punny in HELP Clark Campus. I am an international student from Thailand and today I will be sharing my experience in HELP. Every end has a new beginning. The end of our summer camp may have come abrupt, but I believe that our learning will keep going and more and more experiences and opportunities will come.

When I left home three weeks back, I was not sure of what I will get in return. I was a little nervous and a bit scared of new places and culture since Philippines was the first country outside Thailand that I would be visiting on my own. Nevertheless, I was excited to learn, explore, make new friends, and improve my English skills.

"I find Clark very peaceful, the surroundings are nice and so are the people. It is a really beautiful place.”

Now I have to admit that the food is not what I had expected, but I kept an open mind and tried it. To be honest, some of them are really good and some not so much. Overall, I think it's okay even if I miss Thai food.

Lastly, I would like to share and talk about the most important part of this wonderful journey, my new friends, teachers, and my experiences here in HELP Academy. Without those people, I would have had this amazing expedition.

"Without those people, I would have had this amazing expedition."

My Teacher Winchelle is really kind and she helped me correct my grammar errors. I especially thank my Teacher Kathy for sharing her knowledge and learning experiences with me. My Teacher Mary and Teacher Apple; I must admit, can be very strict sometimes but I understand that it's only because they want the best for us (students). My Teacher Clang taught me in my writing and she has been very nice to me ever since the first day. learned a lot in her class; from simple things like new vocabularies to writing paragraphs. She's so kind and funny that I really enjoyed laughing with her in class. Lastly, my Teacher Kimberly whom I very much appreciate, I will miss spying through my bedroom door and see if she's coming over so we can run to turn off the lights and pretend to be asleep. I will also miss giving my journal for her to check and see all the mistakes I have made.

I will miss everything, but every party has its ending. I hope that I and my friends will keep in touch and I wish to see them again soon.