History and development of HELP English

“We strive to lead a new generation of creative global leaders by educating and cultivating talented individuals from across the globe.”

Founded in 1996, HELP is the oldest and most trusted English institute in the Philippines with 27 years of history and 2 big campuses; one in Baguio and one in Clark with the capacity to accommodate 600 students all year around.

As a pioneer of the English educational industry in the Philippines, HELP was the first to incorporate a boarding school system, changing the paradigm of English education from just class oriented education method to a life style based Spartan methodology. Now, the two campuses of HELP offer various classes from basic ESL course to test courses such as TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS.

The time tested curricula of HELP optimize the learning environment for our diverse group of students. This is why there have been more than 50,000 satisfied graduates of HELP over the years.

History and development of HELP English


2021 Upgrade all current facilities of campuses to high standard.

2020 Built the new school for Kindergarten and Primary School of Gentry International School.

2019 Award the highest quality English school from TESDA in Baguio.

2018 Junior Program reached to the biggest capacity in the Philippines with more than 400 students during Summer time. Built the new schoool for Secondary and High School of Gentry International School.

2017 Combined, promoted and operated Gentry International School.

2016 Accreditation for High School and Secondary School Training.

2015 Affiliated and started to operate International Pathway Program through Concordia International College.

2013 Become ETS TOEIC LC/RC Official Testing center at at HELP Clark.

2012 Become IDP IELTS Official Testing center at HELP Longlong Campus

2011 Opening of Clark campus with 200 capacity.

2010 Co-operate with King College of The Philippines in researching training and academic program.

2007 Opening of Longlong campus with 400 capacity, IELTS special course open.

2006 Partnership with AILA (TESOL) in Australia Partnership with EIGO (Internet English) in Japan.

2005 Opening of Seoul Office

2003 IVOLINE (International Voice Online) operates to provide Online English to students.

2002 HELP Junior Program launching. TOEIC, TOEFL special course opened.

2001 Accreditation from TESDA Philippine Department of Education formally approved

1996 Founding of HELP English, the first SPARTA Institute in the Philippines