HELP Online English Program

Program's Information

IVOLINE (International Voice Online) is the brand name of HELP ENGLISH ONLINE PROGRAM that has been in service for 17 years. HELP has 25 years teaching OFFLINE service history that proves its good quality of teaching English.

Online teaching offers students a convenient way of learning that fits their busy schedules.

Visual Online Learning Program is designed for all level students (from beginner to advance). This program is perfect for learners who want to study English conveniently (from their home) with an affordable price. As most of our offline classes which are individualized with one student and one teacher; when enrolling in this course, students will also have chances to experience the same quality as our offline classes and to learn with the teachers who can help accelerate their learning speed.

Program's Level

Beginner to Advanced

Program's Objectives

  • To improve your level of English skills (Listening, Speaking).
  • To practice English with foreign speakers (with natural English accent).
  • To learn English for a specific purpose.
  • To have a flexible study time. Students get the chance to study whenever it fits their schedule.

Program's Unique Points

  • Quality: teacher has 3-10 years of experience in teaching English for many ages, nationalities.
  • Intensive: individual class, handled by specialized instructors and industry experts.
  • Customized: study materials match with the level of student.
  • Convenient: can study at home and the schedule depends on student’s time.
  • Systemized: the result, the report for student’s performance is provided daily and monthly.
  • Affordable: our quality service comes with a reasonable price.

Program's Curriculum

  • Junior Program: ESL.
  • Senior Program: IELTS Speaking, ESL, Business English.


  • 2 Times a week: Tuesday – Thursday.
  • 3 Times a week: Monday – Wednesday – Friday.
  • 5 Times a week: Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday.

Program's Tuition Fee

Course Schedule
Tuesday, Thursday Monday, Wednesday, Friday From Monday to Friday
Total classes/4 weeks 8 classes/4 weeks 12 classes/4 weeks 20 classes/4 weeks
Option 1: 25 minutes/class, tuition fee for 4 weeks.
ESL Speaking $55 $75 $120
IELTS Speaking $60 $85 $135
Business English $60 $85 $135
Option 2: 50 minutes/class, tuition fee for 4 weeks.
ESL Speaking $95 $135 $220
IELTS Speaking $105 $155 $240
Business English $105 $155 $240

Registration Procedures

To enroll in, the student needs to do the following steps:

  • Send inquiries to our Administration Officer to get further consultation and guidance to fill up the. Registration form and install Skype.
  • Download and install Skype, then create an account.
  • Arrange a time to have the Evaluation Test to assess the level and abilities in English of the learner.
  • Get the Test Result along with teacher’s feedbacks from Administration Officer.
  • Be consulted with a certain advice for the proper period of study to achieve target.
  • Receive the available schedule of class time and decide the course.
  • Confirm with the Administration Officer to be put in the student list.
  • Complete the payment and get confirmed by our officer.
  • Start the class.