What it's like to study at HELP Clark


My name is Perawat Sornjittiyotin, and people in HELP Clark know me as Alex. First of all, I would like to thank every teacher here. You all are very kind to me. And to my friends, I really enjoyed staying here with you guys. Even if it's just for a short time, I do feel like there's a special bond between us though we didn't know each other before. I'm so grateful that I had a chance to come here in the Philippines. I hope that I can continue to develop my English skills more when I go back to Thailand.

I had so much fun learning in my individual classes because every class can improve all four (4) macro skills at the same time. I really love it! In this school, I can learn about multicultural since there are a lot of students coming from many places; therefore, I've been able to try to eat new food especially Korean food.

To some of us who are still working on improving English, I suggest you should study hard and never give up because now we can't deny that English is essential for us right now.

If you are good in English, that means you are one step further than the others, so just consider English as your native language. For me, I could say that I have potential before coming here but I know that my potential isn't enough to face the world yet, so I decided to come here because I wish that I could learn some more. And yes, I've learned a lot! Now I feel more confident when I have to speak, read, listen, and write. I do not regret that I am here, so you should be proud of yourself too. THIS SCHOOL DID NOT ONLY TEACH ME LESSONS FROM BOOKS BUT ALSO TAUGHT ME HOW TO BE A GOOD PERSON.

ALEX (17)