Longlong Campus’ Vietnamese Jr. Camp 2019

Our Junior Program has been designed to provide the best summer and winter language school camp for young children and teenagers. Our camps’ unique for having dormitory accommodation options as well as nanny teachers and hands-on managers who watch over the Junior students for the whole length of their stay in Longlong campus. Moreover, this program focuses on a balanced mix of academic and social skills as well as outdoor physical activities, supported by integrated English curriculum, and student-centered learning, and real-world application of English communication skills.

In line with this, the first batch of Junior Vietnamese students arrived in HELP Longlong campus on May 27, 2019. This was followed by another batch on the 30th of the same month, then on the 7th, 10th, and 24th of June. In total, Longlong campus accommodated 76 Vietnamese students in a span of almost two (2) months. This year's Summer camp, HELP provided two (2) course options for the Vietnamese learners; forty-one (41) juniors took the ESL program and the remaining thirty-five (35) trained in Test Course- IELTS.

Basketball court as well as other sports and fitness equipment are available on campus. A variety of special activities for the young Vietnamese learners were also arranged, including dancing, and singing classes, speech writing, and guitar lessons.

So far, sixty (60) Vietnamese Juniors have completed their summer English camp, and the last batch of students which consist of sixteen (16) more graduated on the 21st of July.