HELP Vietnamese Jr. Camp 2019

HELP Clark and Longlong campuses were introduced to another batch of Junior campers from Vietnam last May 23, 2019. For this year’s summer camp, our institute has once again prepared a mixture of English lessons and social content, supervised by tenured teachers and adept academy staff. Hence, the Junior Camp of HELP is guaranteed to provide a fantastic way to an enriching summer experience.

In total, 230 junior Vietnamese students will study and socialize with students from other south - east Asian countries and live on the breathtaking campuses of HELP in a supervised student residence. In addition, the ESL and Test-courses comes with wide range of academic topics designed to challenge and stimulate young students and will complement their studies with a unique learning experience. Designed for young learners currently in grade school, the Vietnam Jr Summer Camp will unfold over two months of academic classes, special activities, and trips, which is organize

d 24/7 by HELP management. This experience will surely to a summer to remember!

At HELP, we believe that our continued success with our partners and learners from Vietnam stems from the quality of our language learning provision and our determination to help every young student achieve excellence.