Cooking Presentation at HELP Longlong Campus

There are so many ways how one meal can be served and presented. At HELP, we believe that people eat with their eyes, and creative and thoughtful preparation enhances both the look and taste of food. Hence, on the 18th of June, a Food Presentation for HELP students has been held. The special activity aims to elevate the creativity of students when it comes to preparing food and presenting it to their audience.

In the recent special activity held at Longlong campus, 5 groups of HELP students selected a recipe of a dish popular in their hometown. They then prepared the ingredients, read the recipe and cooked the dish in front of their fellow students and teachers. Once finished, each group created a presentation resembling a food network cooking show (with props) in order to demonstrate the process of making their dish.

In the culinary world, food plating technique is important. It is a skill in arranging and serving food by paying attention to overall composition and proportions to show a high-standard art and flavor.

However, good presentation and plating is often demonstrated by professional and celebrity chefs, but not too popular among nonprofessional cooks. Through this activity, every student is reminded of how important and how fun cooking can be. The activity was followed by dinner to celebrate another successful school event.