Chinese Jr. Camp - Youth Outreach Program

Every year HELP strives to reach different charity foundations and works in partnership with our community to serve in an Outreach Program together with our Junior campers. The program strives to inspire the young students by establishing a true commitment to character, positive attitude, and a sense of purpose through education, individuality, and altruism; as social involvement is based on a child’s concept of fullness of life and attitude that we, too, can learn and receive from those who have less.

This year, the goal of the Outreach Program for HELP summer camp is to encourage our Junior students from China to develop a sense of selflessness as well as cooperation in a safe, supervised environment. With this in mind, we brought the Chinese juniors to CDC- O.B. at the Clark Skills and Training Center formerly Clark Polytechnic Compound on the 23rd of July, 2019, to support and learn about their Childhood and Adult learning program for Indigenous Peoples (IPs) from the nearby areas of Clark.

The CDC - O.B. program is called 'Pagsasarili Family Care Center' which is a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project of CDC that covers a total of 50 Aeta children from age three to four. There, they are taught of useful information on cognitive learning and human and social development in their formative years. Along with this, their parents and other adults are also taught of practical and livelihood skills as they guide their kids during the entire duration of the project.